Microscope is an important optical instrument, which is widely used in life science, industry, manufacturing, scientific research, medical laboratory and education.
BestScope can provide solutions in various fields according to your needs.

Industry and Manufacturing


Microscope has an important role in the education system. While students observe the microstructure, it also provides hands-on practice opportunities, which effectively helps teachers improve the quality of teaching.
The important factors in choosing a teaching microscope:
1. Microscope optical system, good optical system to ensure high quality imaging;
2. The magnification of the microscope, low magnification microscope is suitable for observing insects, plants, rocks, metals and other materials, high magnification microscope is suitable for observing bacteria, cells, tissue and other biological samples;
3. Portability, durability and ease of operation of the microscope;
4. The sharing of microscope images, multi-head microscope can allow more students to observe at the same time, and a new generation of wireless microscope can improve efficiency, save time and reduce the cost.