BestScope the Latest Biological Microscope in 2022-BS-2046B

BS-2046B microscopes are specially designed for various microscopy needs such as teaching and clinical diagnosis. It has good optical quality, wide field of view, excellent objective performance, clear and reliable imaging.

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1. Excellent Image Quality.
Excellent optical system is the guarantee of obtaining plan and clear images. It can provide clear images with high contrast, and the clear range can reach to the edge of the field of view. It also has bright and uniform illumination.

2. Color Temperature Adjustable Function.
The color temperature can be adjusted to makes the sample present natural color. Its color temperature changes according to observation needs, even if the user changes the brightness, it can maintain the brightness and color temperature comfortably.


3. Wide Field of View.
BS-2046B microscope can achieve the 20mm wide field of view under the 10X eyepiece, with more comprehensive observation field and faster sample observation.

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4. Comfortable and Safe Focus Knob.
Low position focus knob design, different areas on the specimen slide can be easily explored while resting your hands on the table, with adjustable torque could improve comfort.

5. Easy to Store and Transport.
Equipped with a special carrying handle, light weight and stable structure.

6. External Power Adapter, Safer than Ordinary Microscopes.
External power adapter with DC 5V input, safer than ordinary microscopes.

7. Ergonomic Design.
BS-2046B adopts ergonomic design, high eye point, low-hand focusing mechanism, low-hand stage and other ergonomic designs to ensure that users can operate the microscope under the most comfortable conditions and minimize the working fatigue.

8. Stage Designed for Beginners.
The rackless stage prevents users from being scratched by exposed rack during use. The slide clip can be easily operated with one hand.

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9. Built-in Digital Camera Optional.
The head with digital camera is the same size as the binocular head. Built-in ultra-high definition 8.3MP digital camera, which support WIFI, USB and HDMI output, the microscope can be connected to network and build a digital interactive classroom.

10. Light Intensity Management and Coded Nosepiece.
BS-2046B has light intensity management system which can automatically remember and set the light intensity for each objective, with this function, users can increase comfort and save time.

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11. Microscope Working Status Display.
The LCD screen in the front of the BS-2046B can display the working status of the microscope, including magnification, light intensity, color temperature, standby status, etc.

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Post time: Aug-15-2022