BWHC2-4KAF8MPA Microscope Digital Camera: Multi-Output Modes and Auto Focus for Precision Observation and Research

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Amidst ongoing technological innovations, the newly launched BWHC2-4KAF8MPA camera has emerged as a remarkable focal point. This camera boasts a multitude of features, including multi-output modes and auto focus capabilities, providing a powerful tool for precision observation and research.

Employing an ultra-high-performance CMOS sensor, BWHC2-4KAF8MPA camera delivers exceptional image quality. The camera offers various output modes, including HDMI, WLAN, and USB, allowing users to connect it directly to HDMI displays or link it to computers via WiFi or USB. By saving images and videos on SD cards or USB flash drives, users can conduct on-site analyses and subsequent research.

Beyond its remarkable sensor, the camera is embedded with an ARM core, integrating diverse functionalities. With the assistance of a USB mouse and a thoughtfully designed user interface on HDMI monitors, users can effortlessly control all functions.

BWHC2-4KAF8MPA camera is equipped with a built-in auto focus system, enabling automatic focus on specific areas of samples. Through the insertion of a WLAN module or connection to a computer via a USB cable, users can directly manipulate the camera's hardware using the ImageView software.

This camera finds applications across numerous fields, including tool field inspection and microscope observation. Its fundamental features include:

1.Sony Exmor/STARVIS back-illuminated CMOS sensor
2.C-mount camera with 4K HDMI, WLAN, and USB multiple video outputs
3.Automatic switching between 4K and 1080P resolutions based on monitor resolution
4.SD card/USB flash drive support for storing captured images and videos, facilitating local preview and playback
5.Auto/manual focus controlled by sensor movement
6.Embedded XCamView for camera control and image processing
7.Superior ISP with local tone mapping and 3D denoising
8.ImageView software for PC
9.iOS/Android applications for smartphones and tablets

BWHC2-4KAF8MPA camera will provide you with more application possibilities.

Post time: Aug-28-2023